Storing powder coatings

Correct storing of powder coatings is important to ensure successful application and paint coat quality

Instructions provided for TDS must be followed in storing; however, generally speaking, make sure the powder is stored in a cool and dry place as this slows down the powder’s aging process. Storing temperatures should not be higher than 30°C. Below zero temperatures are to be avoided due to risk of condensation of moisture.

The powder will start to absorb air humidity if the storing area’s relative air humidity rises above 60%. This will cause the powder to clot, makes fluidization more difficult, and causes poor flowing properties. In most cases, clotting can be resolved by stirring and fluidifying the paint for a few minutes.

To avoid contamination and moistening of the powder coating, the powder must be stored in a tightly sealed package. It is recommended to store the powder in a sealed plastic bag which is placed in a box or a clean hermetic container to avoid dust and other external contaminants mixings with the paint.

Nevertheless, it is better to store the powder at relative air humidity of 40% – 55%. If the powder is stored at these parameters in a controlled environment, the powder will retain its properties for at least two years.

Storing in a controlled environment ensures better and more even application.