Powder coatings

Standard paints

Standard paints are classified as color tones listed in the RAL catalogue; we have most of these paints in stock in our warehouse in Peetri Small Town in Tallinn’s immediate vicinity and related purchases are quickly delivered across Estonia and neighboring countries.

The bulk of our available paints is polyester-based, making these so called universal products perfect for use both outdoors and indoors.

On a day-to-day basis, our warehouse stocks a variety of products in a total weight of approximately 80 tons.

Specialty paints

We also stock a wide selection of effect paints, such as antique paints widely used in the furniture industry to lend painted surfaces a time-worn look.

Metallic paints are another popular item in furniture production, often used to coat table and chair legs, cupboard knobs, metal furniture, etc.

Metallic paints find frequent use in the field of technology as well where car and motorcycle parts are painted applying metallic paint.

Our selection also includes mat, structural, and sand-texture powder coatings.

We stock quite a few specialty paints; however, some of the products listed in our catalogues are supplied as subject to specific orders with the recommended minimum order amount of 300 kg.