Arsonsisi Tallinn OÜ is a company specialized in powder coating sales. We are the official representative of Arsonsisi s.p.a. in the Baltic states. We sell powder coatings, varnishes, and a variety of primers, drawing from an expansive pool of knowledge about powder coatings.

Arsonsisi, an Italian brand established in 1917, is available in the Estonian market since 1996 and is represented locally by Arsonsisi Tallinn OÜ as from 2005. While Arsonsisi started out by manufacturing liquid paint only, in 1972 the outfit became the first powder coatings manufacturer in Italy by introducing powder paints in the Italian market. In addition to powder coatings, the company to this day manufactures liquid paint and many other products essential to painting.


Free Door to Door deliveries in Harju County: within 1.5 hours within County limits; within 1 hour in Tallinn.

Deliveries are operated by AV Transport OÜ and Veruul Trade OÜ. If required, we promptly deliver your order ourselves.

We’ve had a successful service history of many years with DPD couriers within Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

DPD delivers your purchase the day after your submit the order. If you need to receive your order on the same day, your purchase is delivered by Cargobus and we will let you know at what time your order is ready for pick-up at your local bus terminal.

You can also visit us to personally pick up your order.


Inspired by customer requests, we are happy to provide your chosen goods based on weight, i.e. an opportunity to buy less than a crateful.

We can also turn smooth paint into a textured one by using a special component, resulting in an orange peel surface.

If required, glossy surfaces can be made semiglossy.

Instructions provided in MSDS (material safety data sheet) must be followed. Use of a respirator is recommended during painting.

Powder paints constitute a powdery material – avoid heavy concentration of powder in the air as this may cause a risk of explosion.

As transported products, powder coatings are not classified under ADR.